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As part of its commitment to the protection of the environment, the BHD group provides creative technical textiles solutions for protecting our resources. The group has devoted resources to a number of environmental sectors, with waterproofing, biogas treatment and containment solutions. The technical materials, which demonstrate exceptional long-term properties in terms of durability and integration, play an active role in the preservation of the planet.












For every construction business, food industry business, local authority and the civil service, farm and fish farm, BHD ENVIRONNEMENT, a subsidiary of the BHD group, specialising in waterproofing solutions, designs and manufactures irrigation reservoirs, fire water storage tanks, motorway run-off water storage tanks, lagooning, effluent storage tanks, spare storage tanks, etc.

Gas holders and the storage of biogas

For the water treatment stations, the businesses involved in the water treatment chain, farms seeking an effective storage solution for biogas, the BHD group supplies biogas storage and regulation equipment. VSO BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES is the fruit of 20 years of experience in the area of biogas.

Roof and containment structures

The roof systems developed by the BHD group are designed to fulfil the specific requirements of the container, opening frequency, integration within the environment, etc. They are tailor-made and, in compliance with the most specific requirements of our clients, we offer a wide range of applications: roof structures for the containment of retention basins, roof structures for aeration tanks, etc.


WATERPROOFING Irrigation reservoirs, fire water storage tanks, motorway run-off water tanks, lagooning, effluent storage tanks, spare storage tanks, casing, etc.
TREATMENT OF BIOGAS Biogas storage and regulation equipment: double membrane gas holders, digestion tank roof, flare, peripheral equipment
STORAGE CONTAINMENT Roof structures for the containment of retention basins, aeration tanks, digestion tanks, filtration, etc.

VSO BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES specialist in gas holders for the storage and regulations biogas

Since the 1990s, VSO, a subsidiary of the BHD group, has devoted its expertise and know-how to the protection of the environment by developing biogas storage and regulation solutions. Currently, VSO designs, manufactures and installs double membrane gas holders throughout the world.

Biogas is a gas, which is produced by the breakdown of all organic materials in the absence of oxygen, known as anaerobic digestion. The benefits of anaerobic digestion are now widely accepted: energy production in the form of biogas and electricity, contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, etc. VSO BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES is involved in the biogas production chain, at the anaerobic digestion stage.


The VSO BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES gas holder is a flexible double membrane tank used to store the biogas coming from the digester tank. Depending on the quantity of waste treated, the quantity of biogas will not be the same and therefore the VSO BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES biogas storage tank must be designed to make continuous adjustments in order to cope with this problem.

The internal membrane of the gas holder inflates and deflates according to the volume of biogas. Should the pressure be too high, the excess is destroyed using a gas holder accessory called a flare. The VSO BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES gas holder is fitted with all the peripherals needed for the gas holder to work properly, from the regulation of the biogas volume being stored to the destruction of the excess gas.

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